Saturday, July 26, 2014

PADI Open Water Diver Course

PADI has introduced a new PADI Open Water Diver Course.

A lot of instructors have questions about what is new in the course, why are their differences, what will be the duration of the course and when will the course be implemented.

PADI Course Director Sander Buis has put a workshop together where he explains all the differences between the old and new open water course, where he demonstrates the new skills and explain why they have be done, where he shows all the new materials, and where he explains the differences between and DSD and Open Water in confined and Open Water Dive 1.

PADI Course Director Sander started with these little workshops last April at Oceans 5 dive resort. Oceans 5 dive resort is a PADI Career Development Center, and Sander, also the owner of the dive center, wanted that all instructors at Oceans 5, are teaching the new PADI Open Water Diver Course when the materials were available in Indonesia.

During these workshops he discovered that a lot of PADI Instructors didn't know exactly what the new changes are. And a new idea was born. Sander started offering free workshops to other dive centers who are interested in the new PADI Open Water Diver Course.

In the last week he did one at Gili Air and Gili Trawangan. And in a couple of weeks he will visit Thailand. The workshop takes 1,5 hours. The main time Sander will go over the differences of the skills of the confined and open water sessions. There is time for discussion, questions and improvements.

Sander likes to thank the dive center that joined so far the workshop: Dream Divers Gili Air Blue Marine Gili Air Big Bubble Gili Trawangan Diversia Gili Trawangan Gili Scuba Gili Trawangan Buddha Dive Gili Trawangan Oceans 5 Gili Air

If you like to have more information about the new PADI Open Water Diver Course workshop or you like to have one in your shop contact Sander at

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


IDC Indonesia with Dive resort Oceans 5 Gili Islands

Dive resort Oceans 5 and IDC Indonesia are organizing a PADI IDC at the 16th of August at the Gili Islands.
Oceans 5 is a PADI Career Development Center located on Gili Air.

The IDC is a 10 day program conducted by PADI Platinum Course Director Camille Lemmens and PADI Course Director/owner of Oceans 5 Sander Buis. Before the IDC start there is a free IDC preparation course. The IDC preparation course is not limited to 4 days, but is customized on the needs of the IDC candidates. '

Oceans 5 is not teaching the candidates how to pass a PADI Instructor Examination. Oceans 5 like to teach candidates to become real instructors. To achieve this goal Oceans 5 invested in the best IDC facilities of the Gili Islands.

Oceans 5 has a especially design 25 meter trainings pool for scuba diving and a dedicated classroom for the IDCs with projector, flat screen, iTV, WIFI and relax corner.

Oceans 5 is one big dive family. Most of the IDC candidates found work after they have done an IDC around the Gili Islands. But Oceans 5 has also contact all over the world to help the candidates to find a job elsewhere.

If you are interested in a PADI IDC Indonesia with Oceans 5 dive resort please write us an email at

Monday, July 21, 2014

New EFR Instructor Trainers at the Gili Islands

New EFR Instructor Trainers at the Gili Islands

Emergency Responders save many lives each year by rendering CPR and first aid. As an EFR Instructor, you play an important role in this process but you can make even more of a difference by becoming an EFR Instructor Trainer. EFR Instructor Trainers have trained hundreds of new EFR Instructors around the world, and you can join this elite group.

To enter the EFR Instructor Trainer course, you must: •Be an active EFR Primary and Secondary Care and Care for Children Instructor.

•Have issued 25 Course Completion Authorization cards for any EFR course, or have taught at least five separate EFR courses.
•Have no verified quality assurance issues on file within the past 12 months.

The EFR Instructor Trainer course – based on the same instructional design and educational protocols as other EFR courses – was designed for busy people and has built in flexibility. Participants accomplish knowledge development through an online program that is flexible and easy to understand. Instructor candidates progress at their own pace and complete the course as their schedule permits. The online component is followed by a live practical training session with a current EFR Instructor Trainer.

To get started, contact your Oceans 5 dive resort to register for the course. After registration, you’ll receive your EFR Instructor Trainer materials and a web link to the online knowledge development course.

The online course consists of three curriculum presentations and a Self Study Knowledge Review. You also have the opportunity to develop a basic marketing plan for your EFR provider- and instructor-level training. After completing the online portion, it is simple to complete the course by attending a prescheduled Instructor Trainer Practical Session available in your area. You can complete these sessions in about four hours. For more information about practical session course dates and locations, contact your local Emergency First Response office.

During the practical sessions, candidates discuss their marketing plan and consult with an EFR Instructor Trainer to help develop a successful instructor training business. Candidates also participate in hands-on teaching demonstrations and positive coaching techniques. The practical session concludes with an evaluation of the Self Study Knowledge Review completed during the online course and a written final exam. After you successfully complete the practical session, you may submit your EFR Instructor Trainer application to the local EFR Office. Once you are notified that Emergency First Response has approved your application, you are authorized to advertise and offer EFR Instructor courses.

Oceans 5 dive resort organized a EFR Instructor Trainer course. 3 of Oceans 5 instructors became an EFR Instructor Trainer. Joeri, Giny and Riet did a great job and are starting teaching EFR instructor courses as soon as possible.

Oceans 5 dive resort is a PADI Career Development Center located on the Gili Islands. Oceans 5 organizes every month Emergency First Response (EFR) Instructor courses with the IDCs.

If you like to have more information about EFR Instructor Trainers at the Gili Islands please write an email to

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Free PADI Open Water Diver Course workshop Gili Islands

Free PADI Open Water Diver Course workshop, Gili Islands

New PADI Open Water Course Work Shop at dive resort Oceans 5 Gili Islands

PADI unveiled the latest evolution of their popular PADI Open Water Diver course at the 2013 DEMA Show. The revisions include changes to knowledge development, confined water and open water training, as well as new media training materials such as the highly anticipated PADI Open Water Diver Touch, a tablet app.

The PADI Open Water course was built on a solid instructional foundation, and it is probably the most popular global entry-level diving course. However content updates were due, as well as opportunities for superior student-centered learning and confidence-building through refinements to in-water training.

The revisions grew from comments and suggestions gathered from the entire PADI family, from the top five percent of PADI Members internationally (those who certify the most divers), from those conducting beta trials, from evaluation of diver incident reports, and from 13,700 surveys of new Open Water Divers.

Changes to the course itself, the revised course introduces revolutionary student training materials, specifically the Open Water Diver Touch. The Touch integrates the manual text, learning objectives, video clips, and progressive self quizzes into an interactive learning experience. In addition, the new PADI Skill Practice and Dive Planning Slate provides PADI Instructors a new way to assess student confidence. The slate also guides students in dive planning.

"The PADI organization is dedicated to teaching diving in ways that are effective, engaging, and enjoyable," says Drew Richardson, CEO and President of PADI Worldwide. "The revised Open Water Diver course revision applied instructional design, research and experience, along with new state-of-the-art media, keeping PADI Members on the leading edge of diver training."

Oceans 5 Dive Resort, a PADI Career Development Center, located on the Gili Islands, is organizing a free confined open water workshop. During this workshop PADI Course Director will explain the changes and shows everyone who is interested in his ideas how to demonstrate the skills.

All instructors and divemasters welcome!

Monday, July 14, 2014

PADI IDC for Indonesians

IDC for Indonesians Are you an Indonesian Divemaster and you want to become a PADI Dive Instructor? Oceans 5 is the place to be! Oceans 5 is supporting the local economy in different ways. First of all Oceans 5 employs mostly people from the island where she is located, Gili Air. Second Oceans 5 educates Indonesian persons how to become a diver and/or even how to become a dive instructor. During the 4 years Oceans 5 opened her doors, Oceans 5 certified more than 100 local people as PADI Open Water diver or higher. Most of the locals are still working for Oceans 5. Oceans 5 give the locals the opportunity to become a dive instructor. This for most of the Indonesians more than a dream. The costs for all the education is to high, so mostly the Indonesians cant afford it. Oceans 5 offers Free instructor courses for Indonesian Divemasters who want to work for Oceans 5. For all the other Oceans 5 offers a special Indonesian package deal: For ONLY Euro600 you will get: 1) PADI Instructor Development Course, as long it will takes. 2) EFR Instructor Course 3) 2 PADI Instructor specialties, PADI Nitrox specialty instructor and PADI Deep specialty instructor 4) Accommodation during the IDC 5) Lunch 6) Free diving Oceans 5 was the first IDC center on the Gili Island which started with IDCs especially made for Indonesian Divemasters. Till now Oceans 5 certified 4 Indonesian Instructors. Oceans 5 has an Indonesian instructor on side to help the candidates with translations. The goal of the Indonesian IDC is to get more Indonesian Instructors on the Gili Islands. Oceans 5 doesn't want to teach the candidates to pass their PADI Instructor Exam, but to become a dive instructor who understands all the elements to be a dive instructor. Oceans 5 dive resort is a PADI Career Development Center located on Gili Air. Oceans 5 offers all PADI Courses from beginner till instructor level. For more information about IDC for Indonesians contact us at

Friday, July 11, 2014

Become a PADI PRO at the GIlis

IDC Gili Islands have fun Would you like to become a PADI Divemaster or PADI Instructor? Then Oceans 5 Dive Centeris the place for you! Oceans 5 Dive Resort is a PADI Career Development Center (CDC) and is the only dive center on the Gili Islands where you can add the Reef Check Eco Diver Course and the Disabled Divers International (DDI) to your internships. Reef Check is a Non Profit Organization. The Reef Check Foundation is an international non-profit organization dedicated to conservation of two ecosystems: tropical coral reefs and California rocky reefs. Reef Check goals are to: educate the public about the value of reef ecosystems and the current crisis affecting marine life; to create a global network of volunteer teams trained in Reef Check's scientific methods who regularly monitor and report on reef health; to facilitate collaboration that produces ecologically sound and economically sustainable solutions; and to stimulate local community action to protect remaining pristine reefs and rehabilitate damaged reefs worldwide. Reef Check has received international environmental awards for its work, and is the United Nations' official community-based reef monitoring program. Does this sound like you? Do you share our passion for the underwater world and do to feel the urge to make a difference? We believe education sets the foundation for awareness and that awareness is the first step of many towards change. DDI stands for Disabled Divers International. 1276811_10151643353632301_1824101216_o Disabled Divers International (DDI) is a non-profit organization, with the aim to promote, develop and conduct disabled scuba diving training programs for professional and non-professional students. The DDI program adds a new layer on top of the existing diver training, allowing individuals who have difficulties fulfilling all requirements and standards to experience diving safely with modifications and enhancements to their training and or equipment. DDI professional training adds to the diving professional a new set of tools and knowledge to train disabled divers safely and certify their students as a scuba diver, with varied levels of limitations depending on the student’s ability to perform program requirements and standards. Oceans 5 Dive Resort offers you the chance to make a personal difference by giving disabled persons the opportunity to experience the magic of scuba diving and the wonders of our underwater world. If you like to have more information about divemaster or instructor write us an email at or visit our website:

Thursday, July 10, 2014

PADI CDC Center Gilis

Oceans 5 on Gili Air, Lombok, Indonesia has the PADI Career Development Center status. So that means we can now train divers up to instructor and offer career training programs. Oceans 5 offers the perfect location for divers that would like to take their dive experience to the top level. Oceans 5, located on Gili Air, Lombok, Indonesia, has a beautiful 25 meter training pool for exercising all the skills necessary, an AC class room that is reserved for IDC candidates only and all dive sites nearby. Gili Air offers the relaxing atmosphere that gives enough opportunity to focus on your study but also time to shake it all off in the number of restaurants and little bars. PADI career development programs Gili Islands with Dive resort Oceans 5 Our aim is to make sure that you successfully pass the PADI IE and receive that extra bit of information and knowledge to become a highly trained Open Water Scuba Instructor after the IE. You will be having fun working in a safe and reliable way in a tropical destination. IDC Gili Islands have fun Oceans 5 is the only IDC center at the Gili islands were you can add the following courses to your IDC: 1) Reef Check Eco Diver Course 2) Disabled Divers International Assistant Diver Course 1276811_10151643353632301_1824101216_o Our PADI Platinum Course Director, Camille Lemmens has received several awards for his outstanding work and can teach in English, French, Dutch and German language. He can teach more than 20 Instructor Specialties, including Nitrox Specialty Instructor and SCC Draeger Dolphin and Ray Rebreather Specialty Instructor. He is also a DSAT Gas Blender Instructor Trainer, EFR IT, EFR Care for Children Instructor Trainer, PADI Emergency Oxygen provider Instructor Trainer and DAN O2 Instructor Trainer. IDC Class Room at IDC Gili Islands Oceans 5 is more than a dive resort. Oceans 5 support great ideas and projects in the world related to the environment. Oceans 5 is a supporter of the Oceans CleanUp project and became a Shark Guardian dive resort last year. IDC Gili Islands with CDc dive resort Oceans 5 Gili Air Oceans 5 invites on regular base speakers who talk about environmental issues. Last year Oceans 5 invites Shark Guardian, Manta Watch, Aquatic Alliance Coral Alliance, Gili Eco Trust and more... IMG_0370 If you are interested in joining the IDC Gili Islands please send an email to or visit our website:

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Become an Eco Warrior

Become an Eco Warrior at dive resort Oceans 5. Oceans 5 is taking care of the environment. Every week Oceans 5 organizes a Reef and Beach clean up. Eco Warrior program at Dive resort Oceans 5 The clean up will be in the front of Oceans 5, the harbor. The harbor is a perfect place for a clean up. Every day a lot of fast boats are arriving and leaving Gili Air. A lot of tourists are leaving their plastic bottles at the tables or drop them even in the ocean. Also the currents take plastic from other places to the harbor where it will sink to the bottom and covers the coral garden. Eco Warrior program at Dive resort Oceans 5 Oceans 5 integrates the clean ups in the PADI Divemaster course. All Divemaster trainees are in charge of the clean up. They have to organize the clean ups, make the team, do briefings, explain how a clean up works, analyze the trash, and taking care of the customers. The clean up is free and everyone diver as non-divers can join. Another program Oceans 5 has to offer is the Reef Check Eco diver course. If you like to participate in future reef surveys, this is a course for you. It is a 2-3 day course and you learn more about fish id, invertebrates, corals and how to do surveys. Oceans 5 has special offers for this course combined with the divemaster internship or the instructor internship. Eco Warrior program at Dive resort Oceans 5 So don't wait when others will chance the world! You can do it.. Become an Eco Warrior at Oceans 5! For further information about our Eco Warrior programs contact us at or visit our website

Saturday, July 5, 2014

PADI Instructor development Course

The Instructor Development Course (IDC) at Oceans 5 Dive Center is a ten day intensive training syllabus which prepares you for the Instructors Examination (IE). [caption id="attachment_2438" align="alignnone" width="300"]IDC Gili Islands with CDc dive resort Oceans 5 Gili Air IDC Gili Islands with CDc dive resort Oceans 5 Gili Air[/caption] Not only will you revise all your previous education with PADI; you will also be prepared to take on the new challenge of being a scuba instructor. The IDC at Oceans 5 has been taylormade together with PADI and is your next step to becoming a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI). With some of the best facilities in South East Asia, the Career Development Center (CDC) at Oceans 5 is also capable of certifying you in most aspects of being an intstructor including, Sidemount, Wreck and Nitrox to name just a few. To put it simple; Oceans 5 Dive Center together with PADI have the facilities to educate you from zero to hero all the way to becoming a PADI Course Director. For more information about Instructor Development Course (IDC) at Oceans 5 contact us at

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

PADI Divemaster Internships Gili Islands Indonesia

Divemaster Internships Gili Islands Since 2011 Oceans 5 dive resort Gili Air have been providing PADI Professional level training from Divemaster to Instructor rating. During this time we have developed an international reputation as the premier dive company in the Gili Islands, Indonesia. You can expect the highest levels of quality, professionalism and value available in diver education. Combined with our purpose built diver training centre and the beautiful marine life of Indonesia you will have the best training environment in which to continue your professional diver education. Your training is conducted around the Gili Islands, Lombok, Indonesia. The Gili Islands are part of the famous Coral Triangle. The Coral Triangle is a marine area located in the western Pacific Ocean. It includes the waters of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste and Solomon Islands. Named for its staggering number of corals (nearly 600 different species of reef-building corals alone), the region nurtures six of the world’s seven marine turtle species and more than 2000 species of reef fish. The PADI Divemaster course is the first level of the PADI Professional ratings. As a PADI Divemaster you will hold the minimum rating for employment in the diving industry. Your qualification will allow you to supervise recreational diving activities (either boat or land based), work as an Instructional assistant on all PADI courses and is just one step away from a PADI Instructor rating. Our 4 till 8 week course is a combination of theoretical classroom sessions and practical application during both pool and open water training of a number of PADI courses. Designed to give you the best possible experience, your course includes numerous dives of guiding certified divers and unlimited free fun dives. The pre-requisites for this course are PADI Rescue diver certification or equivalent, a minimum age of 18 years, a minimum of 40 logged dives and a current first aid certification completed in the last 24 months (PADI EFR will meet this requirement). In order to complete your certification you will need to have 60 logged dives. Any additional dives you may need to acquire these 60 dives can be arranged by Oceans 5 dive resort Gili Air. During the divemaster internship you have the possibility to dive unlimited for free. Please bring with you on day 1: Advanced & Rescue certifications, 1st Aid certificate, log book, swimwear & a towel! See you soon on Gili Air!